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English for Law Students, September 2011 - April, 2012

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Шановні студенти!

Здійснюється набір на курс «Англійська для студентів-юристів». Викладання курсу здійснюється професійним викладачем англійської мови із Великобританії Девідом Стоббзом за допомогою відеоконференції. Умови цьогорічного набору на курс є наступними (наводжу фрагмент листа п. Стоббза):

I've been somewhat disappointed by the rather sparse attendance at several of my teaching sessions this past year.  For exampIe, I spent a great deal of time preparing material for my two teaching sessions at the university during my visit to Kyiv in April, but only five or six students were present for the case study negotiation.session on 19th April.  This session gave students the opportunity to undertake some practical experience of negotiation, using their speaking skills.  I fully understand and accept that students will find it difficult to speak in English and will make mistakes, but I reasonably expect them to do their best to participate and to learn from the experience.

On several occasions, students have turned up for a teaching session, presumably to secure an attendance record, only to leave after a relatively short period.  I do not accept such device as a legitimate commitment to the teaching session.

Having regard to the foregoing, I would prefer that we have a newly registered group on the basis that any students who regularly attended previous teaching sessions can re-register for the new group.  The only disadvantage of such a measure would be that any students who'd attended previous teaching sessions would be repeating previous material.  However, this would be a form of revision which is always useful.  Therefore, my proposals are that:

1. A new group of at least 12 and no more than 24 students be registered for this year's teaching sessions on the strict understanding that they will endeavour to have an attendance record ofat least 85%throughout the academic year;

2. Students who registermust be competent in listening and spoken English toat leastintermediate level (IELTS Band 5.5), preferably upper-intermediate level or higher (IELTS Band 6 - 7);

3. A detailed attendance record will be kept and students will only qualify for attendance if they're present throughout the teaching session (with discretion to approve attendance in exceptional / valid circumstances where a student has good reason to leave the session no more than 15 minutes before the teaching session is due to finish);

4. Students who've fully attended at least 80% of teaching sessions this past year can re-register for teaching sessions to be held during the year 2011/12;

5. Students will take notes during each teaching session and will participate as fully as possible in discussions and question and answer tasks;

6. Any students who don't already have a copy of the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary will purchase a copy of this and will do their best to undertake study of vocabulary on a regular basis, using the Study Guidance Notes to be provided by me;

7. Students will be tested by me in April, 2012 and will be issued with a certificate of competence (graded as appropriate) provided they've achieved the appropriate attendance record.»

Бажаючі, що згодні відвідувати курс на перерахованих умовах, для участі у курсі до 12 вересня включно мають надіслати листа зі своїми контактними даними координатору курсу Георгію Соколянському (Ця електронна адреса захищена від спам-ботів. Вам потрібно увімкнути JavaScript, щоб побачити її.).

Заняття розпочнуться 13 вересня і проходитимуть з 14:00 до 15:00 в ауд. 204 щовівторка.

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