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International Conference “Prospects for the European Union: Borderless Europe?” (25-26 October 2013)

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Conference topics

The European Union in the 21st century. Political, legal, financial, social aspects of the future of the European Union.


This interdisciplinary and cross-cultural meeting welcomes presentations on the cultural studies, sociology, geography, political science, law, history and economics research and cross border cooperation within the European Union and its wider region. The conference is initiated by the Institute for Cultural Relations Policy (ICRP) and hosted by Kodolányi János University of Applied Sciences (KJU). Its aim is to serve as a meeting point to facilitate the public exposure of the perspectives and interests of different communities, governments, international organisations, NGOs, businesses, scholars, thinkers and common citizens.

Sessions and paper topics

• Further European integration: How far to enlarge?

• European Union: New regionalism?

• Countries attitude towards EU integration and EU policies

• Cultural pluralism in the EU: National or European identity?

• European citizenship

• Minority and immigration issues

• Security issues and future of joint military operations

• New horizons: Multi-speed Europe?

• Workforce mobility

• Youth unemployment in Europe

• Economic and financial crisis / European competitiveness

• Sustainable development in the EU

• EU institutions: Structures, governance, legislation

• Euroscepticism

Programme summary

The two-days conference includes lectures of invited speakers and presentations of guest speakers. Invited speakers include diplomats, scholars, acting and former leading politicians or government officials from across Central and Eastern Europe.

► Prof. Péter BALÁZS - former Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs, former ambassador of Hungary to Denmark and Germany, former European Commissioner holding the Regional Policy portfolio. Professor at the International Relations and European Studies Department of the Central European University (CEU), Budapest.

► Prof. György SCHÖPFLIN - Member of the European Parliament, member in the Parliament's Constitutional Affairs Committee (AFCO) and Foreign Affairs Committee (AFET). Until recently he was teaching at the University of London and the University of Bologna, Italy.

► H.E. Roman KOWALSKI - Ambassador of the Republic of Poland to Hungary.

► H.E. Gordan GRLIĆ RADMAN - Ambassador of the Republic of Croatia to Hungary.

► Bálint ÓDOR - Deputy State Secretary for EU Affairs. Lecturer at Budapest Business School.

• Best presentations will be selected by a panel of judges and awarded during the closing ceremony.

• Submitted and confirmed papers will be published online and will be archived on DVDs.

• In case of large number of participants, papers will be published in conference book as well.

• The main language of the conference is English

• Optional dinner in the evening of the 25th October (15 EUR).

Please find the attached registration form below.

For more information about the conference please visit the event’s information page: http://culturalrelations.org/Pages/borderless_europe.html

Registration form

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