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Certificate in french Law

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A French Law Degree taught in English. A degree which develops and deepens students' knowledge in International, European and French Law.

Why should you study in Grenoble ?

  • Be awarded a quality degree given by a recognised French university
  • Give yourself the opportunity to learn French or to improve it
  • Increase your legal skills and knowledge
  • Study in a rewarding study environment where group numbers are limited

For exchange students, this degree can form part of your exchange programme, and can be recognised by your home institution as part of your degree. In addition to this, you will be awarded with a French Law Certificate by Grenoble University.

This Certificate is meant to be completed in one year of full-time study consisting of 264 hours (of courses): 6 courses each semester, each course representing 20 hours (4 or 5 ECTS).

For course outline, schedules, teaching staff, admission fees, please download the brochure.

Students in this programme have the opportunity to improve their French by attending, in small groups, courses of French as a Foreign Language (FFL).

Apply now before the April 30th, 2013 deadline


  • Applying students are subject to selection criteria.
  • Students must have completed at least two years of a law degree. However, special consideration may be given to students who have two years study in another degree and who have a special interest in Law.

Study in Grenoble :

  • To study in Grenoble gives you the opportunity to live and study in a stimulating environment. The city is nestled in the heart of the French Alps. Grenoble is a university city and as such, is young, dynamic, and international. Furthermore you can immerse yourself in French culture while carrying out one year of your Law Degree.
  • Grenoble is located close to many of the European hubs. Paris is a 3-hour train trip from Grenoble, Lyon is 1-hour away, Geneva and Torino -2 hours. Lyon and Grenoble airports offer a vast array of low-cost flights to many destinations. Studying in Grenoble opens doors to many European opportunities.
  • The Université de Grenoble welcomes over 9,000 foreign students each year, and has some 60,000 French students.

"Certificate in French Law" brochure

Application form 2013-2014

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