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34th International Human Rights Training Program (IHRTP)

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The International Human Rights Training Program (IHRTP) is at the heart of Equitas’ activities. Now in its 34th year, this annual three-week education event brings together approximately 90 participants from about 50 countries. The IHRTP is an intermediate-level program. It provides a unique opportunity for human rights workers and educators to deepen their understanding of human rights and of the essential role of human rights education in effecting social change.

The IHRTP is an integral part of Equitas’ global human rights education’s activities, which includes follow-up initiatives with selected IHRTP alumni in their home regions.

Participants in the IHRTP include representatives of non-governmental organizations (NGOs), national and regional human rights institutions and government bodies.

Program Goal

The goal of the IHRTP is to strengthen the capacity of human rights organizations to undertake human rights education efforts (e.g., training, awareness campaigns, information dissemination, and advocacy) aimed at building a global culture of human rights.

To this end, the Program places a strong emphasis on the transfer of learning and on follow-up activities. Participants attending the Program develop an Individual Plan for putting their learning into action as part of the training. Therefore, when submitting their application, both organizations and Candidates nominated should consider how the transfer of learning might take place within and beyond the organization after the Program. (See Individual Plan section below for some examples)

Information package

International Human Rights Training Program

Memorandum of Agreement

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