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Категорія: Навчально-методична література
Сторінок: 29
Бібліотека: Бібліотека факультету
Місто: Київський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка
Рік: 2014
Файл: kaf_civ_law_2014_leg_pra.doc

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Course unit Legal practicecomposes part of the educational professional training program of specialists with educational professional degree «Master’ degree» subject area «Law»of atraining area 8.03040101 «Jurisprudence»,
It is taught in second semester of the 1st year of study of Master’s degree in the extent – 216 hours. (6 credits ECTS) in particular: lectures – 34 hours, practical __ hours,seminars – 17 hours, laboratories – __ hours, independent work – 165 hours. The Course of study provides 3modules and 3module test(s).The course finishes by the examination.
Objective of the course – disclose the meaning of the legal practice, studying of the organizational principles and practical features of legal consulting.
Mission– acquisition by the students of the basic principles of legal business organization, of legal consulting performance; acquisition by the students of the basic elements of conceptual and categorialmatter in the sphere of legal practice and provision of legal services, features and the main forms of legal practice.
Course structure. The course system «Legal practice» consists of three modules: «Introduction to legal practice»; «Professional practice of the lawyer» and «Organizational aspects of legal practice». The teaching of the course«Legal practice» is required to give the students an opportunity to gain system knowledge of concept and essence of legal consulting, feature of its performance in different spheres.
As a result of studying of the course unit the student has to
know:the current legislation of Ukraine, in particular, Laws of Ukraine «On the Bar and Advocacy»,«On Notariate», special literature, teaching and methodical aids, recommended list of which contains this training program.
be able to:fluently operate with basic elements of the conceptual and categorialmatter in the sphere of legal practice in case of discussion and the solution of problem situations.
Course place(in the structural and logical scheme of training of specialists of the corresponding area). At the present stage of the Ukrainian law system development, in the process of its formation as constitutional state, accompanied bygradual integration to the leading European and world structures, there is no doubt in the need of advance studying of legal disciplines of a practical orientation, in particular, in the sphere of legal practice. In this context the course«Legal practice» as the basic course for understanding by the students of the basic principles and features of conducting legal business and work of the lawyer, takes an important place in system of the legal courses.
Connection with other courses. The course unit provides both studying of legal and regulatory framework (including significant amount of special subordinate legislations) in different fields of legal relations, and gradual acquisition of the basic principles of legal business organization and professional practice peculiarities of the lawyer.

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