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Courses in Legal English - 2012/13

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In cooperation with The Knightswood Trust (an educational charity based in Scotland, UK) the Faculty of Law is pleased to be able to offer its students the opportunity to complete a course of study in legal English at the appropriate level during 2012/13.

Students of intermediate level competence in English should apply to participate in the intermediate level course which will comprise weekly lessons in legal English by video conference starting on and from Tuesday, 16th October 2012 from 14:00 – 15:00 in Room 204 (the Main University Building).

The upper-intermediate / advanced level course, which will comprise weekly lessons in legal English by video conference starting on and from Thursday, 18th October 2012 from 14:00 – 15:00 in Room 204 (the Main University Building), is open to students who can demonstrate upper-intermediate or advanced level competence in English.

Lessons will not be held during the fortnight before and throughout university exam periods or during university holiday periods.

Both courses will be taught by The Knightswood Trust’s Director of ESOL Studies, Mr David Stobbs.

Please complete the application form (posted with this information) and e-mail it to Olga Volodymyrivna Kunytsya on Ця електронна адреса захищена від спам-ботів. Вам потрібно увімкнути JavaScript, щоб побачити її. by 6:00 pm on 10th October 2012.

After handing in your completed application form, you will be required to complete an assessment paper, under supervision by Olga Volodymyrivna Kunytsya, which will validate your existing level of competence in English. The above mentioned test will be held from 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm on 11th October in Room 204.

It is possible that some applicants applying for the intermediate level course will demonstrate a higher level of competence in which case they may be offered a place on the upper-intermediate level / advanced course. Applicants for the upper-intermediate / advanced level course who demonstrate a lower level of competence in English may be offered a place on the intermediate level course.

Each course offered will only go ahead if at least 15 students are accepted for it. The maximum number of places to be offered on each course is 24.

The following conditions must be met by students whose applications to participate in either of the courses are accepted:

1. The student undertakes to achieve an attendance record of at least 80% of the lessons conducted by video conference. Unless granted exemption in particular circumstances by Mr Stobbs, the student must be present throughout each lesson to qualify for an attendance credit.

2. In addition to completing the course material presented at each lesson, the student undertakes to study lexis on a weekly basis, using the guidance notes and vocabulary record sheets to be issued by Mr Stobbs. This will necessitate each student obtaining a copy of the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary (8th Edition) which can be made available at a discounted price of 230 Hrn. The only alternative dictionary acceptable for lexis study is the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary (7th Edition).

If you wish to seek clarification of any of the information provided above, please contact Olga Volodymyrivna Kunytsya (Ця електронна адреса захищена від спам-ботів. Вам потрібно увімкнути JavaScript, щоб побачити її.).



Please complete this form in English in CAPITAL LETTERS, using a pen.
All information must be complete and accurate.


Please state which course you are applying for:

Please tick [ ] the appropriate box.

Intermediate level
Upper-intermediate / Advanced level

Personal details:

Surname (family name): ________________________                    

Forename(s): _________________________________

Contact email address: _________________________

Your date of birth: _____________________________

Your gender (male / female): ____________________

Passport sized
35mm x 45 mm






Your English language studies:

How long have you been studying
English as a foreign language?: ________ years, ________ months

What, in your opinion, is your current level of competence in English language?
(Write pre-intermediate, intermediate, upper-intermediate or advanced, as

Do you hold any formal qualifications in English – e.g. Cambridge ESOL PET, FCE,
CAE or IELTS, TOEFL, etc? If so please give details including grades and date(s):



Declaration by applicant:

I hereby declare that all the information provided in this application form is true
and complete in every respect to the best of my knowledge and belief.

I accept without reservation the conditions relating to my participation in the
course of study allocated to me and undertake to do my utmost to comply with
such conditions.

Your signature: ______________________________________________

Date: ____________________

Your completed form should be e-mailed to Olga Volodymyrivna Kunytsya on Ця електронна адреса захищена від спам-ботів. Вам потрібно увімкнути JavaScript, щоб побачити її. by 6:00 pm on 10th October 2012


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